Mortgages in Canada for International Residents

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Vacation & Second Home Financing

Where You Live Doesn’t Limit Where You Own

A vacation property in Canada is possible with financing from SoBankable.

  • Purchase financing
  • Refinance and equity take-out financing
  • First and Second mortgages
  • Prime, near prime and non-prime credit
  • Easy Qualification

Residential Rental Property Financing

Financing for Real Estate Investors
  • Purchase financing
  • Refinance and equity take-out financing
  • First and Second mortgages
  • Cross-collateralize properties in Canada, the US and Mexico
  • Easy qualification

Rental property can create a potential revenue stream as well as a future capital appreciation. Real estate may provide long-term value as well as provide passive rental income. Finding the right property is the place to start.

Loan Features:

  • Loan amounts up to $1M CAD
  • No Canadian credit history required
  • Qualify with your credit score, assets and income from your home country
  • Purchase, Rate-Term Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio: 1.0 or above (i.e. Rental proceeds covers PITIA)
  • Term Options: 15 year, 30 year, 40 year
  • Property Type Options: Single Family Detached; Condos; Townhouses; Duplex; 2-4 unit residential properties; Co-ops; Condotels

100% finance your Canadian residential rental property. Ask us how.

*Subject to qualifications

InversaTerm™ Equity Release Financing

Let Your House Pay Your Lifestyle
  • No principal or interest payments until end of term
  • Payments in lump sum or periodic instalments
  • No Age restrictions
  • Refinance and equity take-out financing
  • Term options 5 to 10 years
  • Easy qualification

SoBankable is excited and proud to offer its newest mortgage product to meet our clients’ unique needs: The InversaTerm™ Mortgage.

Like a reverse mortgage, InversaTerm pays a borrower either an upfront lump sum payment or quarterly installment payments for the term of the loan.  InversaTerm mortgages typically have 5 and 10 year terms.  During the term of the mortgage borrowers are not required to make any principal or interest payments.  Interest accrues and is only payable when the loan term expires.

Unlike a reverse mortgage, InversaTerm is not age-dependent, property-dependent, or life-dependent!

SoBankable has developed this product for aging non-resident foreign nationals who wish to maintain their foreign vacation properties at a time when their personal finances might not otherwise permit them to do so.

InversaTerm Features:

  • No Age Restrictions
  • Property Types: Second Homes or Investment Properties (cannot be your primary residence)
  • Term Options: 5 or 10 years
  • Payment Options: Upfront Lump Sum Payment or Quarterly InstallmentPayments for the term of the loan – it’s your choice
    Easy qualifications

*Subject to qualifications

Fix, Flip & Renovation Financing

Financing for Your Real Estate Project
  • Financing to purchase, renovate and sell real estate
  • Financing to renovate your home
  • Cost effective and timely loan advances
  • Financing to improve your property and reduce operating costs
  • Long term take-out financing available

We offer short-term financing solutions to:

  • Purchase and renovate a property
  • Refinance your current property to renovate

Increase your return on investment.

  • Our financing solutions allow you to complete home repairs and renovations – property improvement, energy-efficient updates, modernization, and more – it’s your choice.

*Subject to qualifications. The property being financed must be held in a corporate entity and not in a personal name.

Residential Construction Financing

Building Your Dream Home Made Easy

  • Construction financing at competitive interest rates
  • Long-term take-out financing available
  • Quick turnaround on draw advances
  • Prime and near prime credit
  • Bottlenecks eliminated via open administration process

Start to finish financing:

  • Ground Up Construction Financing:
    • Construction Documentation Required: Building Plans and Budget Plans
    • Borrower Documentation Required: Mortgage Application, Income Documentation, Asset Documentation, and other documentation when necessary.
      • An underwriter will review your file to assess the risk, including the ability to repay, and determine the lending parameters.
    • Automated funding:
      • Building Milestones will be identified with you and your builder
      • SoBankable will monitor the progress and when the identified criteria is met, funds will be dispersed
  • Take-Out Financing:
    • Once your dream home is built, take-out permanent financing can be sourced through SoBankable so you can enjoy your new dream home.

*Subject to qualifications. The property being financed must be held in a corporate entity and not in a personal name.

Commercial Mortgage Financing

Financing for Business Owners and Real Estate Investors
  • Purchase financing
  • Refinance and equity take-out financing
  • First and Second mortgages
  • Prime and near prime credit
  • Cross-collateralize properties in Canada and the US
  • Easy Qualification

Finance commercial property for your business needs:

    • Expand your real estate holdings by purchasing additional commercial property
    • Renovate your building to meet the needs of your growing business


  • Refinance your current commercial rental property


*Subject to qualifications

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